According to the US National Kidney Foundation, 1 in 9 Americans have Chronic Kidney Disease. Scientific studies show that at least 75% of Americans are dehydrated enough that it affects their health in a negative way, so for those 1 in 9, it has developed into kidney disease. In my article The Kidneys And Alkaline, Ionized Water, I explain what the kidneys do in the body and how dependent they are on water for their efficient and normal function. So now what happens if you have reduced kidney function because of chronic dehydration and acidosis?

According to scientific studies, there are several causes of kidney disease, some of them are supposed to be genetic. Scientific evidence shows that 35 per cent of what goes on in the body is genetic, the other 65 per cent we can control with lifestyle, so I don’t know how much of an excuse we can give to genetics. Congenital defects are another matter and are those that happen in the womb, due to acidic lifestyle and diet of mom, in addition to inadequate water intake. One of the other causes of kidney disease is called Polycystic Disease. This is where cysts form in the kidneys and grow, damaging delicate tissues. It, too is caused by an acidic lifestyle and diet and inadequate hydration.

So let’s look at what happens now that you have kidney disease. Whatever the diagnosis is, it has come from lifestyle choices somewhere. Sometimes mom was just following the advice and medication protocol of a medical professional that resulted in congenital abnormalities. We tend to trust our doctors. Now the kidneys are not functioning properly and something needs to be done. All of the latest research shows that what you need to do depends very much on what parts of your kidneys are damaged and how severely. This is where you medical professional can advise you. You see, the major part of the work done by the urinary system is done by the nephrons. The rest is primarily passageways and storage systems. It is how much damage has been done to the nephrons that will determine what happens next. Unfortunately, the medical system logically deduces that you may need to reduce your water intake to preserve what is left of your kidney function. They don’t know, or have not had the experience with alkaline, ionized water.

We know that people with heart attack damaged hearts have regrown healthy tissue and restored heart function using alkaline, ionized water. Studies out of Japan show that by adding small amounts of alkaline, ionized water to the diet, but restricting overall water, there is less uric acid and urea in the blood for the kidneys to filter. Doctors there are recommending alkaline, ionized water in varying amounts exclusively to their patients. In Taiwan, use of alkaline, ionized water in patients on dialysis shows a reduction in inflammatory markers and an increase in antioxidant activity. So you see, there is emerging evidence that the use of alkaline, ionized water, even in restricted amounts has some benefits to the renally challenged.

Check with your medical professional about how much fluid you should be taking  and if you have to reduce  your potassium intake and then  to our health  team at Cerra Water.   Any stress you can reduce on your kidneys is worthwhile.

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