Ah, Baseball Season! Warm weather, the smell of popcorn and hotdogs wafting over the stands and our team is winning. Whether it is you playing or your kids, or maybe you’re all sitting in the stands, you all need to have enough water. Drinks like sodas, sports drinks, juice and coffee don’t cut it. All of them are acidic. None of them are healthy and long term use can cause health problems later on. You need to drink good quality water.

You probably think you are already drinking the best water. After all your local public health department assures you that your tap water is just fine. It is loaded with additives and maybe even by-products from those additives that may make the water acidic and unhealthy to drink over the long term. Acidic muscles and joints don’t work very well.

Bottled water is highly acid-forming in the body, depending on which brands you drink. You may need to get some pH testing strips or drops from your local health food store to find out.

I play short stop. I like the action there, so I have to be fast and on my toes. Alertness and reflexes are important in any position, but short stop is where a lot of the line drives come. My muscles and joints need to be ready for fast, sudden movement and reaction. To do that my muscles must be close to neutral in pH and my blood must be neutral in pH. I won’t get that way eating junk and convenience food and drinking acidic water. Sure, I can be sluggish or have to push myself, but I would much rather react quickly and naturally. And, who wants to drag around after a game? I want to be energized, alert and happy we won. Poor diet just won’t work. I need vegetables and lots of them, whole fresh fruit, cold water fish, seeds and nuts and a little organic meat or chicken. I don’t eat grains, except brown rice, rather infrequently. And, of course, none of those white things.

But most of all, I need alkaline, ionized water or in a pinch, filtered water on the alkaline side. I like the Cerra  alkaline, ionized water because it supplies my body with extra oxygen so my muscles are ready to fire instantly. It keeps me strong and fast because it’s alkaline. I’ll drink at least a quart of water half an hour before the game. That way, I get to pee out what the body won’t use immediately before the game starts. I will also drink during the game because I’ll be sweating out some more water.

One of the benefits of drinking is that my joints become hydrated so I have a fuller range of motion to throw the ball to first. My accuracy is better because my perceptions are more acute. Hey, I don’t get the lactic acid build up, so when I slam that ball, I can really move.

After the game is the best. No pain, no stiffness, no fatigue. I love it and its all because I started drinking again!

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