Go to the fridge of any supermarket and you will find dozens and dozens of different brands of water and other beverages. There are even a dozen or so energy drinks which will shock your adrenals and give you a temporary boost of cortisol to rev you up. If all else fails get a shot of caffeine with a bunch of sugar added, can it and you’re good to go.

To understand why you are dehydrated, we need to look at the basics. It all comes down to acid/alkaline balance and of course why you are attracted to drinks in bottles in the first place. It is not attractive or enticing to drink something out of a tap that smells like a swimming pool. Not to mention the carcinogenic by-products that are floating in it. Besides, you can’t take the tap with you when you leave home. Bottles are portable and convenient. But, their contents are mostly acidic, with a very few exceptions.

Over time, just eating food makes your body acidic, especially the typical North American diet. When your body becomes acidic, the water in and around your cells becomes acidic as well. The osmotic pump that pumps fuel into the cells and the waste out of the cells, doesn’t work so well. When you drink acidic tap water and bottled beverages, the water goes in and within a very short time, needs to come out. So it goes in the mouth and then almost right to the bladder because everything else is stagnant.

Almost anything you buy in a bottle is acidic. There are a couple of spring waters that come closer to 6.0 to 7.0 pH. They all stimulate free-radical production in the body because of the way they are processed. Their capacity to do this can be measured by using an Oxygen Reduction Potential (ORP) meter. With the cellular osmotic pump not working too well and adding more acidic beverages to the already acidic body, water can’t get to the cells. Now you are dehydrated. You become chronically so over the years as this process continues.

Some of the mechanics of water assimilation also has to do with the particle size of the bunches of water molecules. When water sits in a reservoir or in the pipes, it is constantly making and remaking bonds with other molecules. These bunches of molecules can be quite large. It’s like me saying, “Take this apple and put it into your mouth.” You can’t do it. It’s too big. If you cut the apple up into small pieces, then you can put the pieces of apple into your mouth and chew them. Your cells are exactly the same. Whatever needs to go into the cells, needs to fit through the gates. Water in and water out, is an indication that the water clusters are not fitting into the cell gates. That is why we have something called microclustering. The bunches of water molecules are broken into smaller cluster sizes. Along with large molecule clusters and the intake of acidic substances, the body has to wrestle with its own acidic waste.
How do you break the cycle? You alkalize. The easiest way is to look after both problems at once. Take care of the acidity and the hydration together with Cerra alkaline, ionized water. When you drink the Cerra  water, it starts to loosen the acidic wastes and toxins around the cells so that the osmotic pump starts working again and the cells are more efficiently fed and hydrated. Not only that, the thirst mechanism turns back on so that you realize just how dehydrated you have been. Your body will crave the Cerra  alkaline, ionized water. At first there will be more water going in than is coming out as your cells soak up the water. Then you will start to notice that you now need to get rid of some of the water. By urinating, toxins start leaving the body quite efficiently. As more and more toxins leave the body, fat cells which have stored the toxins all this time, start to shrink. A by-product of alkaline, hydration is fat loss. What could be simpler?

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