Cleansing Toxins In The Body by Living Green

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There are hidden substances all around you, in the air, in your food and water. Not to get paranoid about it is a good call. You would have a hard time living, if you knew and dwelt on all the ramifications. But a good housecleaning once in a while is a good plan....

Effects Of Toxins Aging The Body

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In the Globe and Mail newspaper on Wednesday November 9, 2005, Andre Picard reported on a study on human contaminants, using 11 volunteers, including well know wildlife artist, Robert Bateman. The resulting report entitled “Toxic Nation: A Report on Pollution...

Eliminate Toxins With Alkaline Water

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Alkaline Water Used to Neutralize Toxins Prof. Kuwata Keijiroo, Doctor of Medicine In my opinion, the wonder of antioxidant water is the ability neutralizes toxins, but it is not a medicine. The difference is that the medicine can only apply to each and individual...